Angel R. Martinez

editor, Photographer,Filmmaker, & Owner/operator of amotionpicture co.

          Working with others to create inspiring works of art is what I find most invigorating. When it comes to work, I am a highly driven, organized, flexible, and dependable filmmaker with an anticipated bachelor's degree in Film and Media Studies at Colorado College with a proven track record of collaborating well with others. Because of this, I am positive that I would make an excellent addition to helping YOU achieve your artistic goals.

          Currently, I am working as an Assistant Editor at Immortal Cinema International, LLC and aspire to one day become a full-fledged video editor in Los Angeles. But when I'm not busy behind a camera or a computer, you can probably find me with my nose in a book, learning about random things on the internet, having a good time with friends, or thinking about food. ^.^